Quinoa Salad

 I love this salad, I make it nearly every week. Its good to keep in your fridge if you are busy or need something delicious to take in a lunch box.

I was shown how to make it by my friend Flos. she also gave me my first batch of kefir grains, but thats another story. I remember Flos making it for her children’s birthday parties, a simple one for the kids and a more grown up one for the adults. I always thought that was so clever, just two bowls and everyone happy. Somehow in my household everyone has always wanted something different and sometimes it feels like I run a mini restaurant. One bowl meals are always a challenge here.

 The quinoa salad I make is pretty true to Flos’s original kids version, except over the years I have added some salad greens like spinach for colour. She only ever added olive oil but I like to add in maybe some lemon or turmeric dressing with some sauerkraut or kimchi.


2 cups Quinoa cooked in 11/2 cups water

2 carrots grated

2 spring onions

1/2 cup raw cashews which have been fried in coconut oil, till just coloured.

Smoked fish salmon or trout. I like smoked wild salmon if I can get it.

1/2 cucumber

1 pack of feta

A handful of roughly chopped spinach or rocket.


Cook the quinoa first having rinsed in running water through a sieve. This stops it tasting bitter. Even better would be to soak over night, which makes it more digestible.

Put the quinoa to cool in a bowl.

chop the rest of the ingredients into a similar size and not too large.

Add to the cooled quinoa.

Pour over olive oil and lemon to taste or a simple dressing. check for seasoning and add salt and pepper if you want.

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